Provides new answers to the how come of happenings in our lives

Rochele HC Hirsch

Meet Rochele

Rochele HC Hirsch is the originator of the HC React Code™ System and the Theory of How Come©

She consults with individuals, corporations and non-profits on decoding issues, dropping stress, improving health and increasing success.

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Hirsch’s The Theory of How Come© provides new answers to what causes things to happen in our lives...

and what we can do about it. butterfly pic

We are experts in how to consciously transform the root causes of the problems in our lives. The result is more freedom, empowerment, and joy.

We provide...

- Individual Consulting Services
- Business training Sessions
- Books / Articles / Videos
- Certificate Programs
- Books / Articles / CDs

Results for Our Clients Include:

  • - Dropping a seven-year crystal meth craving
  • - Feeling happier and less bothered by life's events - without medication
  • - Resolving issues that would have cost a career
  • - Rapidly clearing issues that had led to attempted suicide
  • - Allow others to take on responsibility - naturally
  • - Transforming a belief about "not fitting in" to support weight loss
  • - Successful decision making about leaving a relationship
  • - Dropping stress, thus reducing amount of Diabetes Type II medication
  • - Organizations now using concepts of Emotional Rest Stops to reduce stress

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