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True Energy and The Chemistry of Relationship

You're on a journey, a journey of self discovery.

Relationships play a major role in your journey. Trying to understand what's causing your relationship to work, or not, may occupy many hours, many days...and sometimes years of your life.

  • Acclaimed author John Gray of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus speaks about the differences between men and women. He gives great broad-brush concepts on the different drivers and viewpoints of men and women. He then leaves it to the reader to discover where each of us stands, and how we can celebrate and compromise our innate differences.
  • Popular personality profiles such as Myers-Briggs and Social Styles provide further information on our particular drivers and styles – but they don’t exactly help to comprehend the chemistry of our relationships.
  • and e-Harmony are attempting to help you define who you are and what you want in a partner, but again, that little "something" takes more than just matching lists.

Now, for the first time, you can quickly uncover even more aspects of your chemistry -- of your energetic relationship -- with others. This is what I call True Energy between individuals.

Knowing the True Energy connection, you begin to understand things about yourself that you felt, but never understood or appreciated before.

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As you learn more about yourself and what shapes your relationship experiences, you will like yourself better and you will see others in a different light.

Your life is unique - and your journey is unique.

I have resources that can help you along the way.

  • I will make it easier to see your True Self.
  • I will show ways to identify and clear obstacles that cause self-sabotaging behavior.
  • I will enable you to achieve more of what you desire.

Let's take your journey together.

True Energy

We have all experienced the feeling of chemistry between people.

To better understand this chemistry, I have discovered a subtle system of energies between individuals. These life-long energies generate a resonance, a harmonic frequency, which impacts the quality of the relationship at a very deep level.

I call these True Energy types Parent / Child, Grandparent / Grandchild, Lover, Friend, Associate, Mirror, Counselor / Counselee, and Incidental.

By knowing the True Energy between people, I can describe its effect on the relationship. For example, a person who has friend energy with his boss will naturally have a much easier and closer relationship with him than with a co-worker who is associate energy.

For couples, the True Energy also helps in understanding their sexual dynamics and other expectations of the relationship.

For parents and children, the system can unravel issues of favorites, or situations where one parent is playing 2nd fiddle to the other parent / child relationship. Or in-law problems.

When we know how the True Energy sets up expectations and shapes reactions, we can deal with it more directly, resolve guilt, and develop greater satisfaction.

I can provide an Intuitive Diagnosis of your relationships, over the phone or in person.

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How True Energy Works with True Love

In loving relationships the expectations we hold about "what love means" are often at a subconscious level. We just know what we are feeling and experiencing – good or bad.

In my research on relationships, I have found that love can be triggered between any True Energy. The question becomes … is the feeling of love something that I am “projecting” on that person (which is therefore less likely to last), or is the feeling of love due to the natural harmony between our innate beings.

Some True Energy types will be more likely to trigger the feeling of love that can be nurtured and developed over time. Other True Energy types will be more likely to have problems sustaining the feeling of love.

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To further complicate the issue of love, I find great disparity between what one person means when they say "I love you" – and what the other person expects when they hear those words.

The problem begins with the word itself. It helps to understand the difference between love – the noun and love – the verb.

Love – the Noun: This is the special feeling you have inside that makes you feel very wonderful, happy, intimate, trusting, full of light.

This feeling can be triggered by a person, a pet, a beautiful sight, a warm memory, etc.

Love – the Verb: This is the behavior you have toward a person or group when you are actively trying to help them feel loved by you, i.e., you are helping them feel pleasure, security, intimacy, trust, understanding, etc.

You don't have to feel love-the noun to act in loving ways.

Charitable acts may be loving. A responsible parent may not feel love-the-noun for their child, but will (should) operate in a loving manner towards that child.

A person may act lovingly in order to prevent losing the feeling of love or attention of the other person. Or, a person may feel love-the noun – yet still act in unloving ways.

True Energy and Right Relationship

The True Energy between two people can affect how Love, the Noun is felt and responded to.

The True Energy also sets up unspoken expectations. When these expectations are not met, sometimes the behavior seems to be unloving, and then it becomes easy to blame the person. By understanding the True Energy, you are more able to set “realistic” expectations.

Right Relationship means that the relationship is meeting your expectations, and anger is resolved quickly, without hurt.

When your expectations about how a person should act in their role as a friend, parent, spouse, co-worker, boss, etc., are being met ... you are a happy camper. However, many things can get in the way.

  • The person may not know or agree with your expectations.
  • The person may be irresponsible in their role.
  • The True Energy between you and that person may not fit the role very well, thus causing continual irritation or confusion

I can help you develop greater awareness of how LOVE is operating in your life, and how to be more loving to yourself – your authentic self – and to get greater satisfaction from the relationships in your life.

Consultations on Relationships

True Energy Readings

I provide intuitive readings over the telephone on the True Energy between you and another person, and also between two people that you know.

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  • I will e-mail or fax you back the form with the True Energy patterns.

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More about the Theory of How Come

“Rochele opens the door to a whole new understanding of how to view and understand our life experiences. She helps you see your essential truth in an entirely different light. She intuits this discovery with you, her insights are uncanny, and once you go through the process, you will never go back. She discovers the person you really are. It’s like being born again.”
~David Ross,
Mktg Exec., Atlanta

Knowing the True Energy provides a great beginning point in evaluating your relationship with another person. However, it is only a beginning.

The Journey of Relationships is so important to our own self-discovery process. Relationships bring up aspects for each of us that need attention, aspects that need to be owned, understood and resolved.

This process leads to true freedom of choice - and truer love.

You might have Lover Energy with a person, which could lead to a wonderful lifetime relationship. However your own pre-conscious emotional imprints may have “set you up” for fear of commitment, control issues, or abandonment issues.

See The Theory of How Come for more information on Emotional Imprints and the Transformation Process

Our relationships can be more loving and more fun. I can help get you there – rapidly.

Contact Rochele by email regarding your relationship concerns. Let her know the best times to reach you by phone. She will call to set an appointment time.

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and the Chemistry of Relationship

TRUE ENERGY and the Chemistry of Relationship provides a new and stimulating understanding of what automatically shapes your deepest reactions to the individuals in your life.

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“Instantly I was able to see characteristics of the other person in a different light. I’m so grateful for Rochele’s insights … it took years away from me trying to figure out what’s right – and what’s wrong with my relationships.”
J. Morningstaur, Oregon

“I use Rochele’s system all the time with my own clients. It makes so much sense – to me and to them.”
P. Bennet, Atlanta, GA

“The true problem within my relationship was not obvious – and even the obvious probably has underpinnings. True Energy provided me with tools to begin the understanding of WHY I felt so connected with another person – or not."
M. Clark, Atlanta, GA

“We don’t have full info about a person in the beginning. We’re overwhelmed with the sexual energy and often see things with rose-colored glasses. It’s great to have this extra information to understand the chemistry.”
Tom S., Los Angeles, CA

Elizabeth Taylor's Husbands and True Energy*

  • Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, Jr.
    (1950-51) - Mirror
  • Michael Wilding
    (1952-57) - Lover
  • Mike Todd
    (1957-58) - Lover (Entity) and Associate (True)
  • Eddie Fisher
    (1959-64) - Friend
  • Richard Burton
    (1964-74 and 1975-76) - Lover
  • John Warner
    (1976-82) - Counselor
  • Larry Fortensky
    (1991-96) - Friend

Friendship with Michael Jackson - Mirror

*Based on intuitive readings by Rochele

“If I had only known that, as delightful as sex is in the beginning, it’s the long term feeling of connection when you’re NOT having sex that makes or breaks the relationship.”
J. Daily, Alburquerque, NM

“Rochele was able to assure me that my Lover Energy relationship was worth fighting for … that the more I cleared up my own issues, the closer we would get. She was so right.”
Sheila T., Virginia

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“I wanted to thank you from the deepest corner of my heart for the work we did yesterday. I have worked with countless individuals and techniques around this exact same issue for 15-20 years --- nothing ever made a detectable difference ... a true shift that I could immediately sense in the energetics of that matrix.”
Marissa M. Oregon

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